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Interfaith International is a non-governmental association of individuals. Its purpose is to provide a space to its members and associates to promote the rights of persons of all different religions and ethnic groups. It was created in 1993 at the 'World Conference on Human Rights' sponsored by the United Nations in Vienna , Austria . The founding personalities are His Eminence Sayyed Mohammed Musawi, president of the World Islamic League (WABIL) and Charles Graves, D. Theol. a Christian. In 1998 the organisation received 'special consultative status' with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) At the present numbering several hundred members, the organisation's main project is to provide an opportunity for Sihks, Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists, Christians, Jews, those of Indigenous religions and others to speak before the sessions of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights and its various subsidiary organs about human rights problems.

Dr. Charles Graves speaking at the International Conference on Sindh in London organized by the World Sindhi Congress, September 2003

Moreover, at these sessions, 'briefings' are held with coverage of critical human rights situations around the world where religion or ethnicity plays a major role. The countries and regions mainly concerned (up to now) have been Sudan , Iraq and the Gulf States , Afghanistan , Pakistan , India , Kashmir , Sri Lanka , Bangladesh , and China . Regions such as Sindh, Baluchistan and Gilgit in Pakistan and that of Kashmir (divided between Pakistan and Indian occupation) as well as Assam , Tripura etc in Eastern India as well as Tibet have received much attention. The organisation has supported the opposition to Saddam Hussain in Iraq and the creation of a multi-cultural state in post-election Iraq . It has supported democracy in the Gulf region (e.g. in Bahrain ). Support has also been given to the democratic process in the Peoples Republic of China . Interventions of Interfaith International before the Commission on Human Rights and its subsidiary bodies are to be found in official United Nations documents. These documents will also be included in the web-site, as well as reports of the 'briefings' and other relevant activities.

Moreover, the web-site will provide an opportunity for persons interested in Interfaith issues to prepare for United Nations human rights-related meetings and to report on the speeches given or conferences attended. Activities of the members and associates of the organisation will also be reported in web-site pages.

A preview of important upcoming meetings will also be made.

Questions directed to those responsible for Interfaith International will be answered through e-mail correspondence.

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