Human Rights Briefing Session On Sindh (Pakistan)

Presented by Interfaith International
22 March 2005 | 1:00-3:00 pm

Women Rights in the Pakistani Military State
Ms. Ambreen Hisbani

Pakistan has codified harsh legal measures against women and supported extremist Islamist elements in their drive against liberal Sindhi traditions and customs. In 2004, Pakistan :

•  Charged rape victims with adultery, punishable by death.

•  Provided loopholes to acquit influential men who murder women in "honor killings."

•  Protected army officials and security forces of accused of raping and molesting


•  Discriminated against women's property rights, right to education and employment.


Civil and Political Rights in the Pakistani Military State
Dr. Gul Agho

Civil and Political Rights of Sindhis have been flagrantly violated by Pakistan . The presentation will describe a pattern of human rights violations by:

•  Arbitrary arrest, torture and extra judicial killing of political activists and journalists.

•  Suppression of cultural and linguistic rights.

•  Harassment of religious minorities, including arbitrary seizure of their property and displacement from ancestral villages.


About the Presenters

Ms. Ambreen Hisbani is member of Executive Council of the World Sindhi Congress.

Dr. Gul Agha is Professor of Computer Science and a faculty affiliate of the Program in South Asian and Middle-Eastern Studies at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Contact Information

Dr. H. Bhatti
Mobile: +44(0)7832225264 - http://www.worldsindhicongress. org

Dr. Charles Graves
Email : charles[at]interfaithonline[dot]org


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