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 The New United Nations Human Rights
Council  and the Rights of Sindhis and Baluch
       28 October 2006        Dr. Charles Graves
 International Conference organised by World Sindhi Congress, London

 Intervention to board of religion NGOs        24 May 2006        Dr. Charles Graves
 New York at Church Center U.N (chair Hiro Sakurai)

 Pakistan An Object Of Western Appreciation       24 Sept. 2005       Dr. Charles Graves
 International Conference On Sindh Of The World Sindhi Congress

 Pakistan An Object Of Western Appreciation       18 Sept. 2005       Dr. Charles Graves

 Interfaith And National Rights        21 Sept. 2002        Dr. Charles Graves
 Challenges to the National Rights Movements of Oppressed Nations of Pakistan

 National Rights Of Sindh        27 Sept. 2003        Dr. Charles Graves
 Unmasking Pakistan and the Sovereignty of Sindh

 Intervention Of Interfaith International        April 2005         Gul Nawaz Khan
 61st Session of the Commission on Human Rights

 Ethnic and Religious Elements in Kashmir        19 October 2003         Dr. Charles Graves
 Convention of the United Kashmir People's National Party

 Intervention Of Interfaith International        March 2005         Mehran Baluch
 57th Session of UN Human Rights Sub-Commission

 Integration of Human Development with...        1 February 2005         Vijay K. Sazawal
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